Brian Ritchie

Information Systems Engineer


  • BSc Hons (1) Computer Science, University of Edinburgh, 1982
  • Ph. D. Computer Science, University of Edinburgh, 1988 (thesis: Design and Implementation of an Interactive Proof Editor)
  • MBCS, C.Eng, CITP

Brief bio:

Joined RAL in 1986, initially working on IPSE 2.5 (Alvey Programme project), developing the Mural interactive proof assistant. Worked on numerous formal methods and software engineering R&D projects. Developed and maintained RAL's Financial Reporting System for many years, and assisted in the transition to Shared Services. More recently, moved to SCD, initially working on ePubs, then Scidip-es. Currently working on Scidip-es and LSF/IJP (ICAT).

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