Brian Matthews

Programme Manager

I have nearly 30 years of experience of work in computing science, mostly within STFC and it predecessor organisations, undertaking research and development in: formal methods of software engineering, data and metadata modelling, web-based systems, semantic web, distributed systems and trust. Achievements include; the development of semantic web technology which lead to the SKOS W3C recommendation for knowledge organisation systems, the development of metadata models for representing scientific data; development and deployment of data management infrastructure tools for facilities science data (the ICAT system).

I have a PhD in Computing Science from University of Glasgow (1996), and over 150 peer-reviewed papers in journals and conferences. I recently became a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

I currently lead the Departments programme of work in support of the Large-Scale Analytic facilities operated by STFC, in particular ISIS, Diamond and the Central Laser Facility. This includes innovative data management solutions to support the collection, storage, access and sharing of data, and access to high-performance computing clusters. The programme is also developing the direct support for experimental simulation and data analysis to enhance the range of capability offered to facilities users in an increasingly data intense scientific environment.

I previously lead the Research Data Group with a team of some 15 computer science researchers, software engineers, project managers and information scientists, focusing on developing data management infrastructure for science.

I have served as deputy manager of the UK and Ireland Office of the W3C and have a part-time lecturer position at Oxford Brookes University.

My current research area of expertise is in applying advanced computing research to develop infrastructure and techniques to efficiently manage scientific data, especially as it applies to large-scale facilities. This includes:

  • metadata modelling and representation for science data sets;
  • ontology modelling for sharable models for science data sets;
  • infrastructure services for data manipulation, data storage, data cataloguing, data sharing and data access;
  • integrating data and computation services for modelling, analysis and analytics;
  • preservation of software packages for reproducabitlity and reusability.
  • workflow and data provenance of scientific processes;
  • combining heterogeneous resources to provide a whole lifecycle view of science processes;
  • long-term data preservation and reuse.

Selected publications: see my publications on STFC ePubs for a complete list.

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