Martyn Winn

Group Leader, Computational Biology

After an early career concerned with theoretical and computational methods in condensed matter physics, I have worked at STFC on computational methods in structural and molecular biology. I have provided several major developments to the CCP4 software suite, for the determination of macromolecular structures through X-ray crystallography. In recent years, I have started projects in biomolecular simulation, electron cryo-microscopy and sequence assembly. I am currently group leader for computational biology within the Scientific Computing Department of STFC with 16 staff split between the Daresbury and Harwell campuses. I lead the life sciences programme for the Hartree Centre, where we are applying high performance computing techniques to a wide range of bioinformatics and computational biology problems, for the benefit of industrial customers and the wider community.

My interests are in developing and applying computational methods in the life sciences. My group is involved in algorithm development, distribution of robust and user-friendly software, and in specific scientific projects. We are particularly concerned with challenging problems requiring the use of high performance computing.

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